Parental Geekery Episode 2 – The Nexus 7, Gangnam Style

by on August 17, 2012

This episode has been slightly taken over by John’s new-found obsession with Korean rap music. The video he talks about is Gangnam Style by PSY, but be warned, it’s 4 minutes of your life you’ll never get back!

We talk about whether David is giving up his daytime nap, and about Catherine’s complaints of being tired. Ruth talks about a day out which she recently had with Catherine, which didn’t quite go as planned (you can read more about this on Ruth’s geekmummy blog post).

We talk a lot about tablets, comparing John’s new Nexus 7 to the iPad. We start off talking about how much you can do on the iPad these days, with a lot of talk about how good Avid Studio is for video editing on the iPad.

We mention our favourite apps for listening to podcasts – Downcast for iOS and BeyondPod for Android. For Twitter we recommend Twicca or Plume for Android, and mention that Slices might be worth a try. We don’t mention it on the show, but Ruth always recommends Tweetbot for iOS.

We speculate as to what Apple might announce in September – a new iPhone? The iPad mini?

We mention the Kurio, an interesting-looking family Android tablet.

John explains the Android naming scheme for release versions, and also tells us what Nexus actually means.

What we’re playing this week: My Kingdom for the Princess III on iPad and Android, Pyramid Rising for iPad and Android, Bloons TD 4 HD for iPad and Android. We advise that if you haven’t already downloaded Where’s My Water? on iOS or Android and Where’s My Perry? on iOS or Android then you should! We also mention Spy Mouse HD on iOS and Android, and spend a while talking about an app we really like that teaches kids algebra without them realising: Dragon Box on iOS or Android.

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