Parental Geekery Episode 7 – Return the Map!

by on September 27, 2012

Welcome back to Parental Geekery. We’re back with our mega iPhone 5 review show, although we seem to talk about loads of other stuff at all.

John reveals that he really wants a MakerBot so that he can make a free universal connection kit for the kids. Somehow we get ourselves from there to talking about the forthcoming new series of Red Dwarf which starts on UK TV next week, and Ruth highly recommends Robert Llewellyn’s biography, The Man in the Rubber Mask, on Audioboo.

Hear our thoughts on the new iPhone 5 now that we’ve actually got our hands on one, and we also talk about our impressions of iOS6. The YouTube app, which was removed, can be downloaded from the app store here, and we’re hopeful there’ll be a new Maps app soon too.

In family news we talk about our very busy weekend, and give an update on how we’re doing with the 5:2 diet.

What we’re playing this week: Ruth is enjoying the latest World of Warcraft expansion – Mists of Pandaria. John is playing Torchlight 2 and is beta testing a first person MMO shooter called Firefall. He has also been watching Prometheus and Breaking Bad. We also talk about Amazon Cloud Music, and Ruth’s discovered one of its cool features.

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Rob... September 28, 2012 at 1:40 pm

The new iOS maps really aren’t as good as Google’s for most of the world, though I hear that they are better in China. However, John is wrong to suggest that Google is a white knight in all this. He suggested that Google wasn’t threatening to take them away, which given they are direct competitors now is too simplistic and not accurate.

As far as we can tell, Apple’s contract with Google runs out in July 2013 and currently does not allow Apple to do turn-by-turn directions or use vector mapping data. So Apple would have had to have continued with the iOS 5 style bitmap pictures which are very slow to download over 3G compared to vectors. Google apparently wanted in-app branding and integrated Latitude in order to gather user data in return for giving Apple voice navigation.

This is a good article about the whole situation:

So yes, Apple’s maps are poor at the moment, but clearly the relationship between the two direct competitors meant that Google maps weren’t going to stay. I really don’t think Apple is vindictive. They do what’s best for Apple. Usually this coincides with what’s best for the user, but not always.




Rob... September 28, 2012 at 1:49 pm

Oh, and this is good – an apology!


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