Parental Geekery episode 14 – Parental Nookery

by on February 3, 2013

parental geekeryHappy New Year! It’s our first show of 2013, and we talk about what we’ve been doing since our last show. We open with a slightly embarrassing revelation about Ruth’s music taste, and the revelations continue with new of Catherine’s first boyfriend!

As our last show was before Christmas we spend a bit of time talking about what we did over the festive period, and what the kids made of it all. We indulge in a little “proud parent” raving about Catherine’s ever-developing reading skills, and talk about the fun she’s been having playing with us on the Wii-U.

We discuss the new nook HD tablet, which Ruth was lent for review purposes. You can read her full review over on her geekmummy blog. This leads onto a wider discussion about which tablets are best for families.

John embarks on his regular rant about tablets not auto-updating apps, and you can find out what game has dragged him back to his iPad after months of Android use. And whilst we’re talking of Android we have at last, thanks to a recommendation on Google+, found some great Android apps for young kids in the form of the Dr Panda apps.

We talk about our television watching habits, and Ruth reveals her washing-up setup. We talk about taking the kids to meet some Octonauts in real life, and what Catherine has learned from the show.

We’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars, Homeland and Elementary. We’ve been trying out a load of new games and we talk about Dungeon Hunter 3 (Android and iOS), Dragonvale (Android and iOS), Field Runners 2, Defense GridDungeon Seige 3, Dishonoured and Quantum Conundrum

We haven’t been watching Les Miserables, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth 🙁 We haven’t see The Hobbit yet either.

We were delighted to be able to listen to a new episode of Baby Time recently.

And finally we talk about some extreme weather, and John manages to completely fail to get any of our contact details right!

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Melitsa February 7, 2013 at 7:53 pm

Good to have you guys back.
Fantastic news about Cs reading.
We’re just finishing up Eureka.


Steve February 8, 2013 at 6:02 am

You folks have a fantastic sounding podcast, one of the best I’ve heard!


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