Parental Geekery episode 15 – spam, spam, spam

by on February 17, 2013

parental geekeryWe open our show this week with some Monty Python, and John then points out a similarity between that and  a certain John Williams theme.

We give our take on the current horse meat scandal that has rocked Europe this week. We talk about things we’ve tried recently to make our meal planning easier, including the Hello Fresh ingredients delivery service and the Menus4Mums meal planning service. We give a couple of app reviews – John likes Epicurious and Ruth recommends Big Oven and Evernote Food.

John talks about his recent trip to Iceland. This includes his experiences of the local delicacies – hot dogs and rotten shark. He saw a geyser (but is still not sure how to pronounce it!), a glacier, and the northern lights. You’ll be able to see his photos on his Facebook page, his Google+ profile or the really good ones will make it to his 500px page.

Ruth talks about her 5 days at home with the kids, which she’s also written about on her blog here. She also talks about David having a small accident.

We attempt to answer Mary’s question – she wants to know whether to buy the Kindle Fire HD or the nook HD. We also discuss whether there’s still a place for larger tablets now that everything’s going smaller.

Finally we talk about living without a washing machine, which again you can read more about on Ruth’s blog.

We’re played out by Weird Al Yankovic.

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