Parental Geekery Episode 18 – is this a kissing book?

by on March 20, 2013

parental geekeryWelcome back to another episode of Parental Geekery. We open the show with some quotes from one of our all-time favourite movies – The Princess Bride.

We share an update on John’s facial hair, which we haven’t talked about since Movember. you can find out if he’s still shaving or has reverted back to full bearded status. We also received something really cool from the Movember team this week which we talk about.

John talks about his short break at Center Parcs in Holland at the Marillion weekend. Ruth talks about why she was cross with John about this.

We talk about the Book Trust recent research into Dads and reading habits, and discus their campaign to get Dads reading. We talk about how to make reading more fun, and list some of our favourite books – the Dr Seuss stories and anything by Julia Donaldson and Axel Schleffler. John recommends livening stories up with silly voices, and talks about getting involved with reading at Catherine’s school.

John’s tried a new activity with David this week – Baby Gymnastics. Find out how they got on.

Is it time for us to get rid of our beloved Stokke Xplory? We’re using it less and less as David wants to walk more. He’s also been walking through muddy puddles and having a lovely time, and he still loves toy cars!

Remember the Mailbox app that Ruth talked about a few episodes ago? It’s been bought by Dropbox already!

Thanks to Rob and Richard for their input on our last show.

What we’re playing this week: Ruth’s gone back to World of Warcraft, John’s still playing Minecraft: Feed the Beast, and Catherine now has her own Minecraft login. John’s also been playing the new Starcraft 2 and Sim City games, each of which seems to have launched with a little controversy.

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Dani in NC March 25, 2013 at 7:18 pm

I think you hit the nail on the head when you suggested there might be a bit of snobbery going on when it comes to the “get Dads reading” movement. My husband has difficulty reading due to the education he received. He has improved over the years that we have been together, but reading an entire novel or reading aloud are two things that are still too much for him. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t read at all, however. He goes online all the time to find information about various subjects that interest him, and more often than not this is written information rather than videos. Our kids, who are now teenagers, have seen both of us do this all their lives. I believe this is why they have no problem coming up with their own projects and entertaining themselves. BTW, they also read novels for pleasure.


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