Episode 27 – Parties, Potty Training and New iPads

by on November 10, 2013

parental geekery logoWelcome back to another episode of Parental Geekery, and our plan is for this to be the first of many more regular, possibly shorter shows. We’re getting back into our groove 🙂

We talk all about Catherine’s 6th birthday, what it’s like to be the parents of a six year old, and how the party went.

We discuss the joys of potty training second time around (it doesn’t get any better!).

We were slightly freaked out by Catherine coming home from a swimming party and telling us that she had drowned. You can read more about this on Ruth’s blog.

We talk through the latest Apple announcement – two new iPads! The iPad Air and the iPad mini with retina display. Find out which one Ruth would like in her Christmas stocking, and hear her rant about how developers are not supporting the original iPad.  We talk a lot about iPad and tablet use in schools, and particularly compare Android to iOS for kids apps.

John talks about Movember – you can find out more (and sponsor his upper lip!) on his MoSpace page.

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Rob November 12, 2013 at 6:35 pm

The main reason that no-one develops for the iPad 1 was the lack of available RAM it has. Ruth says that the camera requirement on a game locked it out of the iPad 1, but wasn’t actually used within the game. The implication was that therefore it would have worked fine if the developers hadn’t been so unfair.

I suspect that in practice, the new game just couldn’t fit into the available memory on that device and so they invented the camera requirement in order to lock out the iPad 1 which would have been a terrible playing experience due to constant crashes.




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