Episode 29 – Pain, Yoyos and Father Christmas

by on November 20, 2013

parental geekery logoWelcome back to this week’s episode of Parental Geekery. We start off talking some more about John’s new obsession with yoyos and tell the story of the first event in our life that made Ruth exclaim “podcast fodder!!”

We’re both experiencing the pain of waiting – Ruth for her new iPad mini and John for his new Panasonic GX7. David has also experienced the pain of his pre-school booster vaccinations, and we talk about how that went.

For the first time ever the kids have written letters to Father Christmas – we share what gifts they are hoping to find in their stocking this year if Santa can manage it. Ruth used this rather cute letter template to help with this activity.

As for what we’ve been watching, this week it’s been the rather charming film My Week With Marilyn.

Before we sign off we remind you all that it is still Movember and John is still very grateful of any donations through his MoSpace page. Ruth has also discovered Dinovember which might be something we try next year!

And finally we introduce our new Google+ community where we’ll be saving interesting news articles for future shows and would love your feedback and input.

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Rob November 24, 2013 at 5:45 pm

Minor (nerdy!) comment on John’s new camera. He talked about wanting smaller lenses which he can’t get for his 5D MkII. He forgot to mention that the new camera comes with smaller lenses because the sensor is smaller, not because it’s mirror-less. There’s a really interesting new mirror-less camera from Sony – the A7 which has a much larger sensor than the micro 4/3rds cameras and as a result the A7 lenses are much larger…

That GX7 looks like a very nice camera though and now I want one – with that Olympus 45mm lens!


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