Episode 56 – Handbags Lead to iWatches

by on March 11, 2015

parental geekery logoHere we go with another topic-packed episode of Parental Geekery, the podcast for geeky parents. Ruth and John start off by discussing the recent Apple accouncement. John describes his very “science fiction” way that he listened this time, and also expresses his joy at finally being able to sit and watch some of the announcement with Catherine. We talk about the Apple TV price drop, the new medical research apps, the new MacBook, and finally cover the iWatch – is it a hit or a miss in our geek family?

We talk about the Now TV service from Sky. UK Game of Thrones viewers rejoice – this is now the cheapest way you can watch the new season legally!

We also talk about our experience of watching The Wolf of Wall Street with Ruth’s aging father in the room. Perhaps not to be advised!

We’ve had some great listener feedback on last week’s topic of suitable board games for kids. Richard and Neil both added posts in our Google+ community, and Trudy left a comment on the show notes on the web site. Incidentally Ruth had to upgrade the WordPress theme we’re running in order to read that! Richard reminded Ruth that she should be watching more Tabletop on YouTube, and Neil pointed us in the direction of rpgKids, a simplified Dungeons & Dragons type game that the author developed for his four year old daughter.

Finally we talk about the need to take care with medicines, and John’s fear that he had overdosed David on paracetamol. He’s done the research though, and can tell you all about what levels are poisonous, and what symptoms to look for!

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Rob... March 24, 2015 at 7:51 am

I want an Apple Watch for notifications mostly. I regularly miss incoming phone calls and texts when my phone is in my pocket as I don’t hear it or feel the vibration. I also think that it looks quite good.

I’m not remotely surprised by the pricing. To my mind, Apple is to BMW as Samsung is to Ford. I completely understand that others would prefer a Galaxy Gear as it’s cheaper and does basically the same thing in the same way that a Ford Mondeo is basically the same as a BMW 3-series.

I’m looking forward to getting one.

Also, the USB 3 type C port is a multi-port, so you can do power in, video out and attach a USB hard drive to the same socket on the computer at the same time. Obviously, you would need a three-way dongle, but as USB is an industry standard, I expect that there’ll be cost-effective dongles from 3rd parties. The new MacBook is clearly not aimed at me, so I have little interest in it. It would be a nice “second” laptop if I was made of money, though!


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