Episode 57 – Soap and Water

by on March 27, 2015

parental geekery logoIt’s time for another episode of Parental Geekery, where husband and wife team John and Ruth chat about whatever geeky parental things are on their mind, which appears to start with soap and water this week.

John’s been away for a long weekend in Holland, staying in Port Zelande Center Parcs and watching his favourite band, Marillion. Meanwhile Ruth stayed at home with the kids, and wonders if John will ever forgive them for going to see Home without him. She gives a quick review for any parents considering taking kids to see it.

Catherine spent a night away from home on a school residential trip to a nearby outdoor educational centre. She had a great time. Ruth and John talk about her concerns before going, which mostly centred around the fact that she was expected to make her own bed, including putting the duvet into the duvet cover. Ruth was relieved to find a video showing a simple way to put a duvet cover on.

We’ve had listener feedback from Rob this week, who left feedback on the last show talking about the Apple Watch and the USB port in the new MacBook.

And while we’re talking about pretty laptops, we’ve just discovered the new Hewlett Packard Stream, which everyone in the family seems to want! Whilst Ruth works with Hewlett Packard for her blog that only covers printers, and we have no vested interest in talking about this laptop. Whilst we’re talking about that we briefly mention an upcoming trip to London for a Hewlett Packard press event to learn more about their printers.

We talk about the recent news that Nintendo are going into the mobile gaming market.

We finish off talking about John’s new photography challenge – he’s doing a project 365 this year. He’s posting his photos on BlipFoto, but is also using a new withknown.com blog to keep copies of all his pictures. We talk about what withknown.com is, and why it’s useful.

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