Episode 59 – Missing an internal organ

by on May 24, 2015

parental geekery logoIn this episode of Parental Geekery Ruth and John, who are both parents and geeks, bring you the latest events in their world. We open with the news that this podcast is not available on Spotify but it will be in the future, thanks to their announcement this week that they will be making podcasts available on their platform.

We then talk about John’s Mum having broken her hip (or is it her leg?). As she’s going to be in hospital for a while we’ve been trying to sort out her Internet access, and we talk about setting her up with Ruth’s MiFi, and then having to tell her off for using too much data! She’s now got John’s spare phone with a SIM that has unlimited data (thanks to Three), which we hope will allow her to watch Netflix and iPlayer from her hospital bed. She’s also bought herself an HP Stream laptop based on our recommendation, and John talks about getting that set up for her.

We mention that Windows 10 is coming.

We’ve been given a review copy of the new Nintendo game for the Wii-U – Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush. We talk about what we think of this game.

Ruth gives a final gallbladder update, as she’s now had the surgery and can talk about life without that troublesome organ.

We talk about our trip to see The Lost Carnival – a unique event that was a combination of theatre, circus and funfair. You can read more about this on Ruth’s blog.

Catherine has earned herself a silver badge at school (finally!), and David got a gold star.

Then we come down to the big question – what new phone should John buy? He is trying to decide between the Samsung Galaxy s6 and the LG G4. Have you got any suggestions for him?

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