Episode 60 – Tales of Woe from Half Term

by on June 25, 2015

parental geekery logoWelcome back to another episode of Parental Geekery, the podcast where John and Ruth talk all things parenting and geeky. We start off with some geek news – John is getting a new iMac, which he is very excited about. Ruth is making a play for his old one, due to wanting to work with iMovie.

In culinary news, John made stew, which both kids turned their noses up, but the adults in the family thought was delicious. It’s the only time a My Daddy Cooks recipe has let us down. Have any of you got a great stew recipe? Or a sausage casserole one? We’d love to hear from you.

We then go on to talk about our half term from hell. It started off with David being sick. And then got worse when he had an accident in Waitrose. Ruth talks about how hard it is to be a working Mum sometimes when things like that happen. Then we lost our elderly Devon Rex cat, Elliott, and talk about how the kids handled that. And finally we had to deal with water coming through the ceiling of David’s bedroom.

After all that doom and gloom, we cheer up a little talking about some new technology we’re trying out – the WeMo from Belkin. Ruth’s been sent this to review for her blog. And in our capacity of Nintendo Blogger Family we’ve been sent a copy of Splatoon for the Wii-U and give our first impressions of that.

John’s been playing Cities Skylines (with some help from David), and he talks about that and how it compares to Sim City.

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PetitMew August 5, 2015 at 12:37 pm

You’re a Kid, You’re a Squid, Your’re a Kid… Splatoon is awesome!


Trudy September 3, 2015 at 11:48 pm

My favourite stew/casserole recipe is one from a 1975 Lego’s cookbook.
I ate it as a child and my kids love it.
Beef Casserole Romano



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