Episode 64 – The Podcast Awakens!

by on January 18, 2016

parental geekery logoHappy New Year! It’s 2016 and Ruth and John are back with a bumper-sized episode for your listening pleasure!

We talk about our family Christmas, and some of the best presents we all got. David is completely in love with his Sphero BB-8, and we mention the Tickle app for programming it.

We can’t mention BB-8 without talking about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Danger – there are spoilers ahead! We talk about how we decided whether or not to take the kids to see it, and there’s a mention of the BBFC website which we recommend for researching why films have been given particular ratings.

John’s got a Google Pixel C, and gives his opinion on this tablet. We also mention the Amazon Kindle Fire as a budget tablet, particularly for kids. Ruth also gives her recommendations for the best kind of cases to use to protect your kids’ tablets.

We next move on to a couple of new kitchen gadgets that have entered our lives. Ruth has been making lots of use of her Soup Maker, and John bought her a Nutribullet for Christmas, which he is using almost as much as she is.

We bought Catherine an HP pavilion x2 laptop for Christmas, and we talk about what we think of this device. It has also given us the chance to play with Windows 10 parental controls, with which we’re actually really impressed. Ruth also mentions Curbi which is a promising parental controls app for iOS (it’s also available on Android).

We talk about our kids YouTube watching habits, and how much we like the YouTube Kids app (you can read more about this on Ruth’s blog). Unfortunately it’s not available on Windows 10. Catherine has now reached the stage where she wants to start commenting on videos she watches on YouTube, and we discuss how we handled this.

News has broken that, following changing the chocolate they used in the Creme Eggs, Cadbury’s saw their sales fall. You can listen to our live taste test of the new Creme Eggs in Episode 52

And finally, John gives an update on how he’s getting on with his Xiaomi Mi band, which we talked about in our last episode.

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Rob... February 15, 2016 at 1:45 pm

I’m a bit behind, so have only just listened to this episode. I’m glad that you’re back! 🙂

Your thoughts on the Windows parental controls system emailing you a list of everything that your child does on the computer is fascinating!

Your response to my recommendation of Mobcap in episode 18 was horror that we’d want to know which sites our kids visit each week. See 49 mins in where you reacted with “scary” & “obsessive” 🙂 As you note, as the kids get older, these sort of tools don’t seem quite so bad!

As an aside, on Episode 18 (20th March 2013) you noted that Dropbox had bought Mailbox and were fulsome in your praise of Dropbox. Less than 3 years later, Dropbox have discontinued Mailbox 🙁




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