Episode 65 – The Gymnast’s got Rhythm

by on January 25, 2016

PG_1400Only a week after the last episode Ruth and John are back with another discussion of all things parental and geeky. We open the show today with a special shoutout to listener Alice, and we hope she’s having a good boogie to our theme music again.

We start off with the tragic story of how John managed to throw away three cups of tea in the space of just one hour.

We give a recap of the Rhythmic gymnastics competition which Catherine took part in at the weekend, and talk about how she got on.

We have discovered that a Creme egg cafe has opened in London, and speculate what it is like. Is it a serious cafe or a PR stunt?

Following a recommendation from our friend Mark, who you can find in the Big Man in the Woods podcast, we talk about trying Wilko’s own brand construction blocks toy. Compatible with the big named brand, how does it compare price wise and quality wise? We have the lowdown for you following copious testing!

We’ve ben watching Making a Murderer on Netflix and give our thoughts on that show. We also recommend The Jinx if you like true crime series like that. This leads into a discussion of Serial, which has just started season 2. We talk about the differences between the two seasons. Ruth also recommends the Truth and Justice podcast for even more analysis of the Adnan Syed case and other miscarriages of justice.

There’s a shoutout to Elaine from the Macbites podcast who has power over Ruth’s Siri. Scary stuff!

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