Episode 66 – Kermit, Scratch and Python

by on February 8, 2016

PG_1400Welcome to this week’s episode of Parental Geekery, where John appears to be channelling Kermit the Frog.

Ruth recommends a new podcast she’s discovered, called Real Crime Profiles. Hosted by retired FBI behavioural analyst Jim Clemente, this podcast is a discussion of behavioural analysis techniques as applied to real crimes, and has started off tacking the Steven Avery cases as highlighted in the Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer”

John has taken delivery of his Flotilla set from pimoroni. This is a neat little set of components that can be easily connected together and programmed via a Raspberry Pi. We compare the set to our Little Bits set.

Apparently John’s blog posts are like buses. You wait for ages for one to come along, and then three come along all together. You can read John’s blogs about teaching kids to code over at Daddycoder.com

John talks about his first forays into teaching his Code Club kids Python, and explains the differences between that and Scratch.

Ruth and Catherine had a girlie night out together to see Annie at the theatre (you can read Ruth’s review on her blog). We talk a bit about the differences between the original stage play and the updated movie that was released last year.

Ruth’s bought herself a Fitbit, and talks about the differences between that and other fitness trackers she has tried – it’s all about the community. We also mention the Sleep Cycle app for sleep tracking, and warn of the dangers of putting your phone under your pillow.

Tuesday 9th February is Safer Internet Day, and we recommend you check out the Safer Internet Centre and Internet Matters, which are great resources for keeping kids safe on the internet. We give an update on Catherine’s request from a few weeks ago to be able to leave comments on YouTube videos, we’ve had to make a bit of a change of policy here.

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