Episode 67 – Weighing Anchor

by on February 15, 2016

Parental GeekeryWe open this week’s episode of Parental Geekery with shoutouts to a few listeners. Thanks to Trudy and Neil for sharing our show on Facebook and Anchor respectively. We talk a little about Anchor, a new audio app that makes it really easy to join in with conversations. John bemoans the fact that it’s only available on iOS, and we try really hard to stay off the “My OS is better than yours” subject!

Thanks to Rob for his feedback on Episode 64, and for pointing out that we’d said different things in earlier episodes. Not “obsessive” or “scary” at all… We also mention Dropbox discontinuing Mailbox, but can’t get upset about that because everyone’s using Google Inbox now anyway!

John talks about how much he wants the Amazon Echo (currently not available in the UK), and manages to refrain from saying “Alexa” for the whole discussion.

We have a quick update on Catherine’s gymnastics – Ruth is very proud that she’s been moved up to the next class, and might get to do another competition later this year.

We talk about our current bedtime routine for Catherine, and wonder when it is that kids start putting themselves to bed? Any listener feedback would be gratefully received.

We have an entirely innocent reason for buying bondage tape, and explain what’s going on.

Ruth’s introduced Catherine to the Harry Potter Trading Card Game, and we talk about how they’ve been getting on with that.

John’s been watching The Expanse, and we both enjoyed Going Postal on NowTV. Ruth’s an official NowTV blogger, and has an affiliate signup link over on her blog if you’re thinking of trying the service out.

John gives a quick update about his Flotilla – he took it to one of his Code Clubs this week, and talks about how the kids got on with it. He’s also decided his next project to do with them – a line-following robot. Which leads us into a quick discussion about John’s tea bell, and how its function has changed recently.

Finally John talks about his new chilli-growing kit, and what he plans to do with the chillis if they grow!

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Trudy February 17, 2016 at 1:01 am

Going Postal was released in 2010. 5 years before Terry passed away.


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