Episode 68 – A Tale of Two Flat Caps

by on February 29, 2016

Parental GeekeryIt’s a very special episode of Parental Geekery this week, as we are recording on Leap Day. We don’t think we’ve ever done that before!

We open with a correction to what we said about Going Postal in the last episode – thanks to our listener Trudy for the information

We then read some listener feedback from Anna (with apologies for John’s attempts at an Australian accent) in response to the question we asked about when children start putting themselves to bed.

Ruth gets distracted by bemoaning the fact that at least one of the kids now considers herself too old for soft play, and then we return to the topic of kids putting themselves to bed with some more listener feedback, this time from Rob.

We discuss Catherine’s lack of interest in story books, and talks about how much she is enjoying the Quest Adventures books. We also cover what books a 5 year old boy enjoys as we talk about David’s favourite stories.

As an alternative to soft play Ruth has taken the children to a trampolining centre a few times, and talks about how they got on.

John’s had a weekend away in Masham, and tells his tale of two flat caps. We try to offer a ray of hope to parents of younger kids – it really does get better.

Ruth has started the Couch to 5K running programme

Hopping back to our Half Term activities, Ruth talks about visiting Trentham Monkey Forest with the kids before John gets distracted by the Baby Metal world tour.

We talk about how to save money on taking the family to the cinema by taking advantage of Kids club movies, and give our opinions of Hotel Transylvania 2.

Ruth’s written about the new wave of Skylanders figures that have just been released on her blog, and we talk about how much David still enjoys this game, with a certain amount of comparison to Lego Dimensions

John’s been playing XCom 2, and has written a few blog posts on his Daddy Coder blog – worth checking out if you’re interested in teaching kids Python.

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