Episode 75 – The extended Switch edition

by on March 10, 2017

We’ve got a Nintendo Switch and we’re darn well going to tell you ALL about it!
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Louise la Cour March 31, 2017 at 10:48 am

Hi Ruth and John
I love all your potcasts. I am not godt at geeking myself, but my boyfriend of 8 years and husband since march 19 🙂 is and after hearing your potcast I can join the conversation- thank you.
You asked for good games for the switch:
I don’t no if it works for the switch, but my boyfriend got us a steam-thingy, to connect tv to PC, and got a game called “Over Cooked” it is awesome, I Love it, we have so much fun, you should try it 🙂
Also, do you have any tips for good to player games for us? My boyfriend is a gamer and a geek, but I get see-sick playing first player games ore games where perspective moves a lot. We love playing the new Rayman games and over-cooked. And I cued to love playing wii when I lived with my parents, Mario card was my favorite but as an adult I do get sick after a few minutes 🙁

Hope you have som idear, I love your show and I miss Love all dads.
Love to you both from:
A nanny in Copenhagen, Louise


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